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Tanning just got easier! Our incredible technology promotes the most luxurious golden bronze on all skin tones. Fake Bake's 360 degree nozzle gives a continuous spray that works at any angle (even upside down). Combining the highest quality natural actives with two potent tanning ingredients, the super-fast drying aerosol makes those hard to reach areas a thing of the past for the ultimate airbrush tan. All Parabens removed to benefit your skin, plus a new ingredient to promote a longer lasting tan. Paraben free.


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Get ready to experience the ultimate in self-tanning lotions! We have created a unique blend of exotic oils and natural ingredients to give you Fake Bake's Self-Tanning Lotion. Its richness in color gives you the perfect tan without the damaging side effects of the sun. Designed for easy, goof-proof application, Fake Bake has a built-in color guide-a dark temporary color that let's you see exactly where you're applying the product. No pale patches, no streaks, no dark spots. The moisture-rich formula dramatically softens skin, making Fake Bake the only tan that's actually good for your skin. Apply the product with gloves at night, and shower off the color guide in the morning. Only your flawless Fake Bake sunless tan will remain.New Patent-Pending technology that promotes a smoother application for a deeper, darker, longer-lasting tan on the skin by up to 50%.


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Fake Bake Lipo Bronze Self Tan is a full-strength self-tan with a unique combination of anti-cellulite ingredients. Combats the appearance of 'orange peel' skin and firms skin and promotes elasticity when used daily. Contains show where it goes cosmetic colour guide that enables you to apply your self-tan with ease and confidence and the naturally derived tanning agents DHA and Erythulose to gradually build a natural looking golden tan. If you desire a darker tan, Fake Bake Lipo Bronze Self-Tan Lotion can be reapplied over consecutive days. Includes reusable gloves and step-by-step application advice.


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Fake Bake Self-Tanning Lotion features special organic ingredients and a patent-pending technology that deliver a deeper, darker tan that lasts up to 50% longer. This number 1 rated sunless tanner lotion begins tanning your skin on contact. Contains color guide to prevent streaks and missed spots. Color deepens with every application.


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Self-tanner ideal for all skin types designed specifically for the face utilizes cell renewal and apple stem cells to promote repair and rejuvenation of the skin. The Platinum Face contains tanning and anti-aging benefits all in one that will utilize cell renewal. This product is specifically for the face and rejuvenates the skin.


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Helps instantly reduce noticeable wrinkles & fine lines Formulated with silicone micro beads to offer wrinkle-filling effect immediately Infused with Hyaluronic Acid to quickly plump up lines from within Lessens appearance of pores Provides long-lasting results Unveils sleeker & younger looking skin To use: Apply daily into laugh lines, crow's feet, even depressed scars.


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Hydroxatone Sunsoak Age-Defying Self Tanner is a streak free self tanner that leaves the skin perfectly tanned with a natural look. Bronzia17 Complex is a blend of tanning agents combined with highly potent anti-aging, hydrating and firming ingredients, antioxidants and skin soothing extracts. Argireline minimizes the appearance of wrinkles with visible results within four weeks. Hyaluronic Acid hydrates your skin, Caffeine firms the skin, SymCalmin has a calming and soothing effect and DHA & Erythrulose produces a healthy tan.


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Each tantowel® plus towelette is concentrated with self-tan formula to give you a quick and even application with no streaking, mess or fuss. Tantowel® plus will produce a uniform, natural looking glow within 2 to 4 hours. To maintain your tan, reapply as needed for 2 to 3 times a week. For a darker result apply more frequently. Light citrus fragrance. Results may vary.


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TanTowel? Plus, medium to dark skin tones - deeper, darker formula! Exfoliate, Tan and moisturize all in one. Our revolutionary 3-in-1 self-tanner for face and body. TanTowel? Full Body towelettes are infused with a clear self-tanning formula which works with the proteins and amino acids in your skin to produce a healthy and natural sunless tan in just a few hours. TanTowel? Plus is formulated to activate a deeper, darker shade. TanTowel? Full Body towelettes give you a quick and even application from head to toe with no streaks, mess or fuss.
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