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This 100% natural facial toner is an instant drink of water for your skin, made entirely of highly nourishing, skin beneficial nutrients to make your skin more healthy and instantly hydrated. Made specifically to treat normal to oily skin but gentle enough for all skin types. Antioxidant packed facial toner uses hyaluronic acid which acts as a delivery system to deliver hydrating organic white tea and organic aloe to thirsty skin cells. Whereas moisturization delivers oil to the skin, hydration delivers water. For normal to oily skin types. Note: Due to freezing weather, this product may freeze. If you live in an area with freezing weather it is recommended that you wait until spring to order this item. Thank you.


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Blemish fighting formula helps promote a smoother, clearer complexion for acne prone skin. Clear Complexion Complex is an aquamarine-blue, alcohol-free liquid gel containing proprietary complexes of phyto-chemical concentrates. Clear Complexion Complex herbal ingredients were specifically chosen for their exceptional anti-inflammatory, antiseptic skin healing properties. Cellex-C Clear Complexion Complex significantly benefits oily or teenage skin subject to occasional breakouts.


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An on-the-go facial-buffing device that clarifies, smoothes and brightens the skin. Clarisonic Mia 1 Facial Sonic Cleansing - White is a revolutionary cleansing tool that allows you to efficiently and effectively remove dirt, oil and impurities from deep within the skin. This small, travel-sized device features a unique brush that gently buffs away dead skin cells to reveal healthier, brighter, firmer skin. Includes Gentle Hydro Cleanser.


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Skin Brightening Serum is an advanced formulation designed to lighten & brighten skin discoloration and pigmentation, as well as inhibit melanin production. It combines a blend of proven skin brightening agents: hexylresorcinol, arbutin, and bearberry extract. Hexylresorcinol, a new ingredient, has been clinically proven to be four times more effective than hydroquinone in skin lightening. Arbutin works to inhibit melanin production and bearberry extract's primary mechanism involves tyrosinase inhibition. All three of these medical grade ingredients have been shown to be safe, potent forms for skin lightening. This advanced serum also contains super, powerful antioxidants resveratrol, green tea extract and vitamin C to rejuvenate and protect the skin. Resveratrol additionally has anti-inflammatory, skin lightening properties and helps repair sun damaged skin. Green tea extract contains potent antioxidants called catechins, effective in the fight against damage caused by free radicals. Studies have shown green tea can neutralize the damage done by exposure to UV rays. Vitamin C is an antioxidant that slows the rate of free-radical damage or unstable molecules that damage collagen and cause skin dryness, fine lines and wrinkles. Glycolic acid and papain exfoliate to more effectively deliver skin brightening agents into the skin. Papain is an enzyme that is derived from papaya fruit that breaks down dead skin cells. Glycolic acid is a proven skin exfoliator and rejuvenator which assists in increasing product efficacy. These powerful ingredients together, in the correct combination, deliver a synergistic effect to help brighten age spots, brown spots, melasma and other skin discoloration or pigmentation issues caused by environmental affects or chronological aging as well as inhibit future melanin formation. Apply to clean skin twice daily (AM & PM); or, use as directed by your physician or skin care professional. Desired results are achieved with consistent use of this product. Application of sunscreen SPF 30 or higher is mandatory on a daily basis.


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Microencapsulated vitamin complex for dramatic skin repair. For increased recovery and defense against skin aging, smooth over clean skin before moisturizing. Microencapsulated vitamins A, C and E penetrate deep into skin damage, helping to decrease fine lines and hyperpigmentation (age spots) while stimulating collagen formation to help decrease sun-induced aging in skin. Boost elasticity levels with a skin-strengthening protein peptide that overrides biochemical triggers that lead to skin aging. Formulated without artificial fragrances and colors.


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A purifying toner specially formulated for oily and acne-prone skin. Dr. Hauschka Clarifying Toner helps to balance oil production and soothe inflammation. A blend of athyllis, calendula, nasturtium, echinacea and witch hazel refines the appearance of large pores and calms redness and irritation. This misting toner is weightless on the skin and visibly reduces the appearance of blackheads and blemishes.


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Hydroviton.CR Skin Perfecting Cleanser is a liquid soap designed to normalize the sebaceous (oil-producing) glands. It is ideal for treating skin conditions such as acne vulgaris, patchy skin, uneven skin tone and oily skin. Using soap with antibacterial and keratolytic properties, Hydroviton.CR works without drying or irritating the skin, leaving it feeling hydrated and comfortable. It also enhances radiance, reduces inflammation and removes acne blemishes for clearer and healthier-looking skin.


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A stimulating, facial, rosehip treatment for oily and acne-prone skin. Formulated with willow and linden tea, it soothes and hydrates while paprika and cinnamon invigorate to revitalize a lackluster look.


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Exuviance Vespera Bionic Serum exfoliates the skin to improve the appearance of stressed or damaged skin. Mandelic and lactobionic acids speed cell renewal and reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and hyperpigmentation. Vitamins A, C, and E provide synergistic antioxidant protection and essential nutrition for the skin. Marine botanicals calm and soothe irritation, making this product ideal for sensitive skin. Clinical results show a 212% improvement in skin clarity after 6 weeks of use.
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